EU requirements for metal chimneys

     By implementing Council Directive of on the approximation of laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the Member States relating to construction products (89/106/EEC) in the member states it is aimed to ensure that the construction products in the EU market are fit for intended use, that the works in which they are to be incorporated, assembled, applied or installed, can satisfy the essential requirements, and that such products would be supplied to any EU member state without any restrictions.

Construction product is presumed fit for use if it conforms to a harmonized standard or European technical approval. The requirements for metal chimneys are specified in harmonized standards EN 1856-1:2003 and EN 1856-2:2004. The co-existence period for application of such standards in EU member states has finished, so the conflicting national technical specifications shall be withdrawn. The above mentioned harmonized standards specify mechanical resistance and stability, thermal resistance, hygiene, health, safety in use, durability requirements for metal chimneys and it also specify the requirements for marking, manufacturer's instructions, product information and evaluation of conformity.

According to the harmonized standards EN 1856-1:2003 and EN 1856-2:2004 attestation of conformity system for metal chimneys is "2+", where tasks for the manufacturer and notified body are as follows:


Tasks for the

Factory production control

Initial type testing

Tasks for the
notified body

Initial inspection of factory and factory production control

Continuous surveillance, assessment and approval of factory production control


To comply with the requirements of the above mentioned standards JSC"Vilpros pramonė":

  • In Lithuanian and foreign laboratories carried out obligatory primary type testings of chimneys they manufacture. In these laboratories classes of temperature, pressure, tightness, resistance to condensate influence, resistant to corrosion were designated. Tests were also carried out to estimate allowed distances to flammable materials, wind load resistance, by pulling hard and compressing.
  • Introduced a quality control system in the factory. The factory quality control system consists of a sum of means and actions, which help manufacturer to ensure constant conformity of manufactured pro ducts. The production control system consists of procedures, regular inspections, tests and evaluation of raw and other materials or component parts, equipment, fabrication process, ready made production.


After having evaluated obligatory tests results as well as the effectiveness of the designed production control system on the 29th of April 2005 a notified body "Statybos produkcijos sertifikavimo centras" ("Construction Production Certification Centre") (SPSC) our company was first time issued with the"Certificate of Factory Production Control" and carries out constant supervision and evaluation of our production control system.

Having received the certificate of production control our company was given the right to declare conformity of manufactured chimneys as per set down requirements, and to mark them with the "CE" mark. This enables us to export our manufactured chimneys to any EU member state without any restrictions. Our production is also certified in the Russian Federation. "Vilpros pramonė" works under the requirements of the quality management system standard ISO 9001:2000.

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