Chimney maintenance


Exploitation of chimneys, recommendations

Qualified specialists recommend mounting the flue liners into the brick-built and concrete chimneys for all kinds of boilers, having high effective operation coefficient, heated by liquid or solid fuel; in compliance with the normative law acts of the Republic of Lithuania flue liners are obligatory for all boilers heated by gas.

The use of double wall chimney, rigid liner and connecting flue pipe system elements must correspond to their direct purpose. JSC "Vilpros pramone" chimney systems are intended to exhaust combustion products from heating appliances fueled with gas, liquid or solid (when double wall chimney or rigid liner system is sootfire resistant and maximal working temperature is T600) fuel.

It is not recommended to burn waste of wood industry, which contains cohesive materials; the cohesive materials emit aggressive materials when burning. It is strictly prohibited to fire materials unsuitable for burning (litter, plaster, rub ber, etc.).

The air supplied to the heating appliance combustion process shall be free of chemical substances containing fluorine, chlorine. Sprays, solvents and cleaning agents, paints, petrol vapour contain such kind of substances that can lead to the corrosion not only in the chimney but also in the heating appliance. Therefore such chemicals cannot be stored in the room where heating appliance is installed. In order to guarantee that the air supply is free of the above mentioned substances the heating appliance in the air-cutting salons, lacquering and finishing, cleaning facilities must be installed in separate room.



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